WhatsUpBeaches Sri Lanka Preset Pack (Lightroom Mobile)


These 10 presets are the presets that I’ve been using the most in my recent posts that I’ve developed during my Sri Lanka trip.  These presets work on a variety of different locations and styles of photos including food, portraits, beach, jungle, city etc.


I’ve specifically modified these presets to make them work with the free Lightroom mobile app and tested them extensively on a range of different photos taken on both mobile and digital cameras.  Please note that not all presets will work for every photo and it completely depends on the camera used, the lighting, the time of day, whether the photo was taken in the sun or in the shade and certain things such as skin tone may come up differently to the skin tone shown in my photos however I have tried my best to make the presets work for as many photos as possible.


To add the presets once you’ve purchased them just follow the steps listed below.  If you have any issues or get stuck, please email me at hello@whatsupbeaches.com or send me a message via the contact page on my website.


For terms and conditions, please see the Contact page.


Install instructions:

  1. Download the free Lightroom CC mobile app or update your existing app to ensure you have the correct version.
  2. Using a desktop computer or laptop, open the email you have received from me which contains the zip file where the presets are stored.  Download and unzip the file onto your computer and transfer the DNG images inside the zip file to your phone using Air Drop, Bluetooth or via email.  It is possible to download the zip file using your mobile phone however some – mainly iPhone – users may need to download an unzipping app first, but there are plenty of free ones in the App Store etc if this is the case.  (I use the app called iZip which zips open the file and allows me to open the contents directly into the Lightroom app.)  If you have issues opening the download in Safari or other web browsers, try the download again using Google Chrome.
  3. Save the DNG images in the zip file to your camera roll on your phone.  You may not be able to view the images in your camera roll but that’s normal so don’t worry if your camera roll has a series of blank photos in it.
  4. Open the Lightroom CC app and create a new photo album by clicking the “+” button on the right of the screen – I call my folder “Presets”.
  5. Select the DNG images and add them to the Presets folder.
  6. Select one of the images you have added into the folder and press the “…” button in the top right corner of the screen then click “Create Preset”.  Rename the photo to the same name I’ve given the photo in the zip file.  
  7. You can also create a “WhatsUpBeaches” presets folder for the presets to be saved into by clicking on the “User Presets” button (just below where you rename the preset under the “Presets Group” heading) and choose “Create New Presets Group”.
  8. Repeat step 6 and 7 for all photos.  If you chose to make a new group in step 8 remember to select this group to save each preset into.
  9. Select a photo that you want to edit from your Lightroom gallery.  Scroll along to the Presets button and select the folder that you saved my presets into.  You can then scroll through the presets and choose the one you like the best for your photos.


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