Why you shouldn’t consider Prague as just a “stag do” destination

What do you think of when someone mentions Prague?  I’d imagine a fair few people would instantly be reminded of groups of drunk 20-something year old men celebrating their last days of freedom before they get hitched, right?  Bachelor parties and stag dos filling the streets?  I’m here to change your mind and hopefully persuade you that there’s so much more to this city than beer bikes and blokes.

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Visiting Paris’ Hot Spots in One Day

Do you have a layover/free day after work/ short trip planned in Paris?  If so, you’ve come to the right place!  Here’s my guide to cramming the best sights Paris has to offer into one day.

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Road tripping the American South West in one week

Cody and I were invited to visit his family in Denver, CO to attend Cody’s cousin’s high school graduation in May.  I’ve only visited the US once when I was 16 and my school did an exchange trip with a school in Florida so I was super excited and wanted to see as much as possible while we were there so I planned a short road trip through Utah and Arizona and we took Cody’s mum along for the ride too!

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The Osteo-Pathfinder

It’s funny how something can happen in your life that completely changes your direction.  I’m a firm believer in the idea that everything happens for a reason.  My  journey has led me down a new, more challenging and less certain route but it’s made me more determined to achieve things that I’ve always dreamed of.

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Tenerife 2017

Cody and I spent seven nights in Tenerife back in July.  We aren’t the kind of people to just sit around by the hotel pool for the whole week – we wanted to go somewhere where we could explore but be guaranteed good weather and we also wanted to go scuba diving.

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