Make your next trip one with Home

Sometimes, when travelling, I miss the home comforts like spending a morning lounging on the sofa in front of the TV or cooking myself a tasty meal.  Renting an apartment or home rather than staying in a hotel allows me to have a home away from home.

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Five “must-see” spots on Portugal’s Algarve Coast

Portugal is one of my favourite countries in Europe.  The Algarve area on the south coast is nothing short of stunning; with it’s deep blue water, gorgeous sandy beaches and incredible rock formations, this is one place that needs to be added to your bucket list.

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Eatwith Part Two: Lisbon

Last week we were once again invited to another wonderful food experience by Eatwith (  However this time it wasn’t just a lovely meal with a local person, we were actually in charge of cooking the food that we would later be eating!

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Eatwith Part One: Barcelona

Last week we were lucky enough to be invited to try something new by Eatwith (  I’m always up for a great experience and The Best of Catalan Gastronomy on a Sailing Boat with Patricia was definitely that.  We enjoyed dinner on a boat in Barcelona hosted by a lovely local couple and were joined by another couple from Atlanta.  Fast forward to amazing food, a fantastic evening and new friends – Eatwith is something that anyone and everyone should try!

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Cappadocia – the fairytale land that stole my heart

If you haven’t considered Cappadocia as your next holiday destination then my aim with this blog post is to change your mind.  Words can’t even describe the beauty of the place and the feelings I have been left with after visiting but I’ll try my best to put as much down as possible.

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If Bratislava isn’t on your bucket list yet then here’s why it should be

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is often overlooked in favour of more popular central European city destinations such as Prague and Budapest.  We were invited to stay in Bratislava for a night by Vienna House hotels and have put together a guide as to why Bratislava should be on your bucket list.

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Why you shouldn’t consider Prague as just a “stag do” destination

What do you think of when someone mentions Prague?  I’d imagine a fair few people would instantly be reminded of groups of drunk 20-something year old men celebrating their last days of freedom before they get hitched, right?  Bachelor parties and stag dos filling the streets?  I’m here to change your mind and hopefully persuade you that there’s so much more to this city than beer bikes and blokes.

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Visiting Paris’ Hot Spots in One Day

Do you have a layover/free day after work/ short trip planned in Paris?  If so, you’ve come to the right place!  Here’s my guide to cramming the best sights Paris has to offer into one day.

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Road tripping the American South West in one week

Cody and I were invited to visit his family in Denver, CO to attend Cody’s cousin’s high school graduation in May.  I’ve only visited the US once when I was 16 and my school did an exchange trip with a school in Florida so I was super excited and wanted to see as much as possible while we were there so I planned a short road trip through Utah and Arizona and we took Cody’s mum along for the ride too!

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