Revolut – the travel card you’ve always dreamed of

Whether you’re planning a weekend break abroad or you’ve quit your job to travel the world, Revolut is you perfect travel companion when it comes to foreign currency.

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Revolut is similar to most pre-paid travel cards in that it can be topped up via debit card, credit card or straight from your bank account via bank transfer in an instant and is linked to an app on your phone.  However, Revolut offers much more than just the usual foreign currency exchanges – more on that later.

Revolut for travellers

Revolut allows you to spend abroad at the current inter-bank exchange rate.  This means that you are getting the true exchange rate without paying the additional fees charged by most other foreign currency cards in order to make money which in turn saves YOU money.  Sounds perfect right?  If you’re convinced already, click here to sign up to Revolut for free today!

You can withdraw up to £200 (or currency equivalent) for free from foreign ATMs per month (2% fee after this) – more if you opt for one of the higher membership levels: Premium or Metal – and the app supports 29 currencies and can be used in over 130 countries around the world (see the technical stuff below).

Revolut at home

Revolut is great for foreign currency, but that’s not all it can offer.  You can use your Revolut card just the same as any other credit or debit card to make purchases at home and you can even have your salary paid into your Revolut account.

On the Revolut app you can split bills with other Revolut users, send cash to a friend (a contact in your phone who also uses Revolut) in seconds with no fees and set budgets and track your spending in categories such as travel, entertainment, cash etc, which are automatically generated when you use your card.  You can also create a single-use non-physical card to protect your data on websites that may not be secure, easily freeze and unfreeze a card that you think is lost but actually is just hiding at the bottom of your bag (I’ve cancelled cards before only to find them later on which is a nightmare!) and you can even create a “Vault” which rounds up any change from a transaction to the nearest whole number and transfers the spare change to a savings account.  For example, £1.49 would be rounded up to £2 and the additional £0.51 is added to a separate savings account aka your Vault.  You can also ask your Vault to transfer the change x2, x5 etc and you can set target limits to your Vaults so that you can save towards specific things.  Get your free Revolut account here!

The technical stuff

As mentioned above, Revolut supports 29 currencies in over 130 countries and already has over 4 million users worldwide.  The currencies supported are:


There are three membership levels to Revolut, the first level being free and the second two levels requiring monthly membership fees.  With the Premium membership (£6.99 per month) you have access to exclusive card designs, airport lounge access for Revolut partner airlines (for a fee), free unlimited FX transactions at the inter-bank rate, oversees medical insurance and you can withdraw up to £400 of foreign currency from foreign ATMs with no fee.  The Metal plan comes with all of the above plus an exclusive metal card, 1% cash back on spending and you can withdraw up to £600 of foreign currency from foreign ATMs with no fee, all for £12.99 per month.


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Disclaimer – as a Revolut Pioneer I am also a regular user of Revolut and the opinions expressed in this post are my own, based upon my experience with Revolut.  I would not recommend something that I, myself, wouldn’t use.

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  1. I got this card for the exact reason, honestly the best travel essential you will need. 100% worth getting, I just use the free one and it’s awesome !

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