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Sometimes, when travelling, I miss the home comforts like spending a morning lounging on the sofa in front of the TV or cooking myself a tasty meal.  Renting an apartment or home rather than staying in a hotel allows me to have a home away from home.

Did you know that over 70% of all property listings on are actually homes, apartments and other unique places to stay?  Well you do now!

Here are my top 5 reasons why your next stay should be in an apartment or home through

1. It’s cheaper

Renting a three-bedroom apartment and splitting the cost between 6 people is hugely less expensive than renting three separate hotel rooms.  It’s often cheaper for families to stay in a home or apartment than it would be to stay in a hotel with extra beds or cots. It’s not just the price of the room itself that makes staying in a home cheaper, having the option to store, cook and eat your own food rather than spending loads of money eating out every day can dramatically reduce the cost of your trip.


2. There’s more space

Apartments and homes have kitchens and living areas to relax in rather than having to sit in a single bedroom in a hotel.  If one person wants to go to sleep early while someone else wants to stay awake it’s much easier not to disturb each other when you have this additional space.  Multiple bedrooms means friends or family members can sleep in separate rooms rather than cramming into one hotel room.

3. You can feel like a local

When you stay in a home you get a real sense of what it would be like to live in a destination that you can’t get from staying in a big resort or hotel.  You’ll be staying amongst the local people’s homes and not in a purpose built resort or building and the experience seems way more authentic.


4. There is more choice

The majority of listings in are actually homes and apartments therefore you have far more choice when it comes to picking your accommodation.  You’re also not tied in to one location for something such as breakfast; you can choose to make your own food or go to a different restaurant every morning.  It’s easy to miss opportunities to try new things when you’re staying in a hotel as it’s just easier to get a drink at the hotel bar or have breakfast within the hotel.

5. You can get 30 USD off your next stay

Yes that’s right! Just click the below link and book your next trip and you’ll get 30 USD off your stay with  You’re welcome.

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